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BA German & Portuguese with a year abroad

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You will have the opportunity to attain a high level of proficiency in speaking, writing and reading the German language, whilst developing your knowledge and critical understanding of German culture and society. Our exceptionally wide range of modules covers literature of all periods, German film, German history, German philosophical thought, and German political and social theory. The Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies is active in all fields of Peninsular language, literature and cultural history from the earliest times to the present day. Beginning with our first-year compulsory module, Global Iberias, you will explore an unrivalled range of topics covering literature, history, film, music and visual arts from the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds. The core language modules help students refine and deepen the linguistic knowledge essential to all fields of study, and enable you to graduate with near native fluency. Students can take this programme either with an A-level (or equivalent) in German, or as a beginner, following a specially-designed ab initio language course.

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Studies of graduate employability repeatedly stress the career value of language degrees. Employers in UK and international business, the press and media, IT and technology, marketing and public relations, public administration, international development, law, finance, teaching and lecturing, interpreting, translating and others have been found repeatedly to value foreign language competence, not just as a specialist skill, but as a personal quality that fosters relationship-building, teamwork, and the capacity to move easily in international contexts. Studying German, you will also gain fluency in a language and knowledge of a country and its culture that is increasingly in demand, given Germany’s central role in European economic and political development.

BA German & Portuguese with a year abroad Kings College London-