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BA(Comparative Literature with Film Studies)

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Comparative Literature is the study of the similarities and differences between literature written in different places and at different times. In Comparative Literature we don't divide literature up according to where it was written or what language it was written in, as you would if you were studying English or French. Instead we divide literature in other ways, such as by its theme or its genre or the period in which it was written. The study of Comparative Literature at King's embraces 12 languages and 6 continents, and spans over 2,500 years. Unlike many other programmes, our degree extends beyond the modern literatures of Europe to the Americas, Australia, China, the Middle East, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, and to the roots of Western and Near Eastern literary traditions in classical antiquity and the Bible. Options on other art forms, such as film, music, and the visual arts complement and add to the study of literature. In each year of this programme, two modules are devoted to Film Studies. The aim of Film Studies is to provide students with the conceptual tools for a critical understanding of how society is mediated by cinematic and electronic images, and to give a background for pursuing careers in the media arts and related activities. Selected students in year three have the opportunity to study in the United States for one semester at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sydney, Hong Kong, Sorbonne, Bologna or Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat (Munich).

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As with any humanities degree from King’s, your skills of analysis, judgement and effective communication will be highly attractive to employers. Knowledge of other cultures and languages are increasingly in demand. Typical destinations of humanities graduates from King’s are accountancy, administration, banking, broadcasting, the civil service, journalism, law, marketing, teaching (in the UK or abroad) and the tourism industry. A considerable number continue their studies at graduate level.

BA(Comparative Literature with Film Studies) Kings College London-