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BA(English with Film Studies)

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Studying English with Film at King’s enables you to combine two of the most exciting academic fields in one degree programme. In English, your studies will range from canonical figures to recent rediscoveries and the newest of new writing, from London to Scotland, Ireland, America, India, Australia and beyond; in Film, you will encounter classical and contemporary cinema, exploring how society is mediated by cinematic and electronic images. You will encounter literature and film up close and as part of a network that stretches across the centuries and across the globe, and analyse literary, film and electronic media as well as appreciate their creative potential. We pride ourselves not only on the range and diversity of the modules we offer, from medieval literature to contemporary literary and film and creative writing, but also on the diversity of the approaches we employ, combining contemporary critical and cultural theory, close textual and technical examination and historical scholarship. We aim to offer open and imaginative approaches to classic literary and filmic texts together with newer and less familiar developments in both disciplines. Your first year modules provide a basis for modules taken in your second and final years. Second year modules are chosen within a banding system, designed for a balanced structure of study, whilst in the third year a wide choice is available, allowing you to specialise in your particular interests. Your close study of English literature will encourage and develop a clear critical thinking and succinct expression of ideas that are concrete and valuable assets in today's job market, while studying Film provides a background for pursuing careers in the media arts and related activities.

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English is a flexible and adaptable subject that equips you with a wide range of transferable skills appropriate to many different occupations. Graduates in English possess skills in written and spoken communication, independent thought and judgement, critical thinking and research, all of which are highly valued by employers. Applicants may be interested in a career in journalism, publishing and the creative industries, or in education and research. Many graduates also go into general management, consultancy and the public services.

BA(English with Film Studies) Kings College London-