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BA(Film Studies)

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The cinema is the most exciting art form to have emerged in the 20th century. At the same time, new modes of cinematic production and delivery are continuing to challenge and expand our understanding of what cinema is in the 21st century. The BA in Film Studies develops your knowledge of classical and contemporary cinema and of how society is mediated by cinematic and electronic images. It enables you to analyse film and electronic media, as well as understand and appreciate their creative potential. It gives you in-depth knowledge of the intellectual debates that form the discipline of film studies and its relationship with other disciplines, such as literature, art history, philosophy, architecture, music, politics, and digital media. It also provides a background for pursuing careers in the media arts and related activities. The BA in Film Studies at King's benefits from a unique geographical position, close to the IMAX, the new BFI South Bank and the British Film Institute Library, not to mention a large concentration of cinemas. It is the only single honours degree in film studies taught by a dedicated film studies team in central London.

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Film studies graduates may work in a range of jobs, some directly connected to their studies at King’s, others more removed from them. Some pursue graduate work in filmmaking, acting and other creative aspects of the film and media industries. Others move on to film studies at graduate level. The study of film can also lead to exciting careers in print and media journalism, arts and other cultural management positions, film preservation and curating. Recent graduates have found employment as….

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