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BA(Classical Archaeology)

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Our modules cover a range of art historical and archaeological approaches, such as chronological (e.g. ‘Art and power in the Age of Alexander’; regional (e.g. ‘Building Greece’); site-based (e.g. City of Rome); thematic (e.g. ‘The classical art of the body’); and museum-based (e.g. ‘Grand Tour: antiquities in London’). We also offer the opportunity to participate in a fully-funded trip associated with a classical archaeology module, courtesy of the Rumble Fund. While you will focus on art and archaeological modules, you can also take modules in literary studies and philosophy, and you can learn Latin and/or Greek at a level appropriate to your prior knowledge, whatever that may be. Many historical modules are highly relevant, such as ‘Roman London’ and ‘Pompeii’, and there is even the opportunity to take a module from outside the department. First-year students who flourish in Latin or Greek language may transfer to the Classics (Greek & Latin) BA in their second year of study via our 'Pathway B'. Such students will attend intensive summer school language modules between the first and second year, and between the second and third year of study. Why study Classical Archaeology at King's? The main reason is the variety of specialisms covered by the staff, from the more traditional foundations of Greek pottery and sculpture to the younger disciplines of Roman landscapes and mosaics. There is also a module (‘Grand Tour’) that contains several tours to local institutions in order to explore how classical material and visual culture has been collected and displayed in London. The chronological range covers the Bronze Age to the Byzantine periods, while the geographical journey will take you from the entire Mediterranean and Near Eastern regions through to Roman Britain. The fundamentals of archaeological and art historical skills and methods are introduced through these rich and vibrant cultures. Staff are dedicated to exploiting the world-class opportunities that our position in the centre of London allows access to, including the British Museum, the Museum of London and Sir John Soane's Museum. For example, you will be able to take modules that offer the opportunity to handle Greek vases in the teaching room of the British Museum. If you are interested in maximizing the opportunities that our proximity to London's great cultural institutions allows, then this is the programme for you.

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A King’s Classics degree will equip you with the transferable skills of research, analysis, presentation and critical thinking that are valued by future employers. Our alumni enter a wide range of professions, including law, banking, the civil service, information technology, librarianship, education, heritage industries, the media, journalism and the performing arts. A significant proportion proceed into higher professional or academic qualifications, often pursuing postgraduate degrees at King’s.

BA(Classical Archaeology) Kings College London-