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BA (French & German with a year abroad)

Course Description

King's has one of the rare French departments where you can take modules across the whole range of French and Francophone literature from the Middle Ages to the present day, as well as modules in French history, contemporary French institutions, film, politics and philosophy. The exceptionally wide range of modules in the German Department, which is equally rare, covers literature of all periods, German film, German history, German philosophical thought, and German political and social theory. You will attain a high level of proficiency in speaking, writing and reading in both the French and German languages, whilst developing your knowledge and critical understanding of the culture and society of both countries. The year abroad will usually be split between French and German-speaking countries. For more information about the Departments of French and German, follow the department contact links.

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Career outcomes

Many students remain to pursue graduate degrees whilst others go on to take further training in law, finance or the media. A wealth of opportunities are open to French graduates and King’s has an excellent record for employment after graduation. The highly desirable combination of language skills, cultural literacy and critical thinking means that French graduates from King’s are in strong demand in today’s job market.

BA (French & German with a year abroad) Kings College London-