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BA(Digital Culture)

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Digital cultures are part of all aspects of our lives and this degree will equip you to understand and work on cultures of the digital and internet. From Facebook to email, everyone has had to become involved with the effects of digitisation and of the internet. Not only individuals, but governments, companies, cultural institutions, political organisations and more have all had to come to terms with the meaning of digital culture as they move their activities online, use social media, blogs, data mash-ups and microblogs to communicate, integrate email and the web, understand computer security and more. If you can search the web and use social media then you know enough about computers to take this degree and we will develop that expertise so that you understand how the internet and digitisation works and its implications. This degree trains you in the meaning and operation of such cultures and opens up careers in the wide range of organisations that must now create and manage their digital and internet presence. The BA in Digital Culture develops your knowledge of all aspects of digitisation and the internet and of how society is mediated by digital cultures. It enables you to analyse aspects of digital culture such as how social media work or how the internet affects industry, while introducing the history of information technologies, the nature of the digital economy, theories of new media and politics in a digital age. It also provides a training in techniques for researching digital cultures, including techniques for collecting and analysing data from social media, web design and technologies, data presentation, digital preservation and introductions to coding (no experience or knowledge of computer programming is necessary to the degree). Optional work will offer introductions to coding, mobile technologies and app development. All these skills provide a firm basis for pursuing careers in the huge range of institutions that utilise digital cultures.

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Career outcomes

Employment prospects are strong in this area, as digital and internet factors are affecting all organisations and are creating their own specific dynamics that we teach in this degree. You will come out with a complex and detailed understanding, and if you wish some specific 'hands on' skills, that will enable you to create, implement and manage digital culture. Whether as a community manager for a gaming company, as a digital project manager for an NGO, as a blog writer and editor for a fashion house and in so many other possible organisations; you will be working elbow-deep in digital culture.

BA(Digital Culture) Kings College London-