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BA Ancient History

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The wealth of experts in our department exposes students to the widest range of styles and methods. Our history modules include: chronological modules (e.g. ‘The Rise of Rome, c.650-70 BC’); regional and site-based modules (e.g. ‘Pompeii: History and Society’); modules focused on an individual (e.g. ‘Augustus’); thematic approaches (e.g. ‘Greek Religion’); and historiographical modules (e.g. ‘Writing History’). Some modules combine historical sources with other types of evidence, such as archaeological or literary, so you can set your historical skills against the full range of disciplines covered within Classics. Not only does the size of the department allow for great choice, but also our location means that staff can teach classes in London's world-class institutions, such as the British Museum or V&A.

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A King’s degree will equip you with the transferable skills of research, analysis, presentation and critical thinking that are valued by future employers. Our alumni enter a wide range of professions, including law, banking, the civil service, information technology, librarianship, education, heritage industries, the media, journalism and the performing arts. A significant proportion proceed into higher professional or academic qualifications, often pursuing postgraduate degrees at King’s.

BA Ancient History Kings College London-