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A / AS Level Sociology

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Read Eleanor's view Read Jade's view What is the subject about? Sociologists study people in society. The subject matter of sociology includes groups like the family, larger ones like a school or working place, very large institutions like the whole education system or the political system, and even whole societies like England or the United Kingdom. Sociology is the attempt to understand how society works. It provides description and analysis of the patterns and structures in human relationships, and it encourages us to see the world through the eyes of others. It can help us as we try to make sense of our own lives, as well as giving us a sense of our wider responsibility to society. What can I do with a qualification in sociology? Careers in sociology are varied and include such careers as national and local government careers, social work, nursing, police and social research. Course Content In the first year you will study AS level Sociology which comprises of two modules and is half the full A level. In the second year you will study another two modules which leads to the full A level. AS Sociology Unit G671 Exploring socialisation, culture and identity Process of socialisation. How we learn what society expects of us. Role of socialisation in the creation of identities such as class, ethnicity and gender. Exploring the social research process Unit G672 Topics in socialisation, culture and identity Two topics Sociology of the family :Key concepts and key trends within the family, The role of the family in society, Family diversity, Roles, responsibilities and relationships within the family Sociology of youth: Key concepts and the social construction of youth, The role of youth culture/subcultures in society, Youth and deviance, The experience of youth in education. A2 Sociology Unit G673 Power and control Two topics Sociology of crime and deviance Definition and measurement of crime and deviance, Trends, patterns and explanations of crime and deviance. Victimisation, Role of agents of social control in the construction of crime and deviance, Solutions to the problem of crime With/Or Sociology of the mass media, defining and researching the mass media, Ownership and control of the media, Construction of the news, Media representations of social groups, Effect of the media on society. Unit G674 Exploring social inequality and difference Social inequality and difference, illustrated by the study of Gender, class, ethnicity, age. Exploring sociological research on social inequality and difference Practical concerns Theoretical issues Teaching and Learning Styles Varied learning styles are used that include small group activities and discussions. Visual materials are used such as DVD video and power point presentation.

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A / AS Level Sociology Peterborough Regional College