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A / AS Level Psychology

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Read Jade's view Read Jamie's view Psychology is the scientific study of people, particularly how and why we think and behave as we do. Although it is a comparatively ‘new’ science with much yet to be discovered, studying it will give students a much better understanding of themselves and other people. Psychology uses the scientific method of careful research, experimentation and statistical analysis and requires students to learn to be numerate, to use logical reasoning and to express themselves clearly and concisely in writing. Course Content In the first year, you will study AS level Psychology, Advanced Subsidiary GCE H168, which comprises two modules and is half the full A level. In the second year, you will study another two modules which leads to the full A level, Advanced Psychology H568. AS Psychology The two AS modules are G541 Psychological Investigation and G542 Core Studies. The Investigation module involves designing and conducting small scale research activities and keeping a record of these. The examination will require response to source materials provided by the Exam Board. The Core Studies module requires students to be familiar with 15 psychological studies from 5 different areas of psychology: developmental, cognitive, social, biological and individual differences. G541 comprises 15% of the full A level marks and G542 comprises 35%. Advanced Psychology The A2 modules are Options in Applied Psychology G543 and Approaches and Research Methods in Psychology G544. The Options we teach are Forensic Psychology, which covers criminal psychology and related aspects, and Health and Clinical Psychology, which covers health and psychological disorders..G543 and G544 each comprise 25% of the marks for the full A level. Teaching and Learning Styles Learning activities are interactive and include small group class activities, whole group discussions, personal practical research work including statistical analysis of findings, use of booklets specially written for the course, computer based support materials which can be accessed at home and use of websites. Assignments are contained in the specially written course booklets and are available early to facilitate workload planning.

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A / AS Level Psychology Peterborough Regional College