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A / AS Level Chemistry

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A modern approach to studying Chemistry, sponsored nationally by the Salters Institute, the course is written as a series of units based on contemporary issues in Chemistry. Students study the chemistry in a spiral way so that chemical ideas, introduced in an early topic, are reinforced later. The ‘drip-feed’ approach to teaching and learning allows candidates to revisit a particular topic several times during the course, each time taking their knowledge and understanding a step further. The programme aims to: emphasise the ways chemistry is applied and the work that chemists do broaden the appeal of chemistry by showing how it relates to people’s lives emphasise frontier areas of chemistry include a broad range of teaching and learning activities provide a rigorous and stimulating treatment of chemistry that both lays appropriate foundations for future studies, and satisfies those who will study no further chemistry. Course Content: This is a well–structured programme, organised into three essential components: Storylines provides the settings within which the chemistry and skills are developed Chemical Ideas provides the underlying chemical principles Activities provide practical work as well as many other types of activities, including research exercises, group discussions, applications of IT, etc. Topics Include: Reaction Kinetics Atmospheric Chemistry Thermodynamics Medicinal Chemistry Spectroscopy Polymers and Proteins Organic Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium Teaching and Learning Styles: This programme is delivered in a structured manner with use of materials written specially for this course including booklets, questions and activities which are designed to promote understanding. The college virtual learning environment, accessible at college and from home, is used for computer based learning, assessment and support materials. Students are encouraged to explore the subject, to complete their own research notes and to seek tutor support whenever it is needed. All practical activities inform students of the hazards involved.

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A / AS Level Chemistry Peterborough Regional College