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A / AS Level English Literature

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English Literature allows students to study a range of important literary texts, building on knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE. The different genres of novel, poetry and drama will be studied, encouraging students to develop as informed independent readers and critics of literary texts. There is some scope for a creative response to a specific text within the coursework. Course Content: In the first year you will study two modules: Aspects of Narrative and Dramatic Genres - The authors studied will include Jane Austen, Mark Haddon, S. T Coleridge, Thomas Hardy, Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare. In the second year you will study two further modules: Gothic Literature (Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights and Doctor Faustus) and produce coursework under the heading of Further and Independent reading. Teaching and Learning Styles: Exchanging ideas is an essential element of the study of English Literature. Classes make use of a range of interactive approaches including whole group discussions, small group activities and individual feedback on research tasks. Study of the texts is supported by specially prepared booklets and relevant audio/DVD material

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A / AS Level English Literature Peterborough Regional College