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A / AS Level Biology

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The studies for this course centre around major current themes and use these to investigate and understand biological processes. These themes include: CARDIO-VASCULAR DISEASE FORENSIC SCIENCE SPORT EXERCISE AND TRAINING RESPONSES OF THE BODY INHERITANCE of CYSTIC FIBROSIS The course has been developed with funding from the Nuffield Foundation and Salter`s Institute in conjunction with Heinemann Publishers. These provide the following: COURSE-SPECIFIC TEXTBOOK FULLY INTERACTIVE WEBSITE (with home access) Practical and research skills are developed through investigations, coursework, scientific report compilation, and educational visits and fieldwork at a nature reserve. Course Content Each year of the course is divided into four topics: AS Topic Lifestyle and Health Genes and Health The Voice of the Genome Biodiversity and Natural Resources A2 Topics Forensics, Infection and Immunity On the Wild Side Run for your Life Grey Matter Topics begin with themes of topical concern that draw on many different areas of biology, then the biological understanding and knowledge are developed to appreciate the implications of these themes. Sessions include web-based interactive learning including GCSE reviews, internet research, model building, statistical processing and experimental investigations. Learning involves a combination of research, classwork activities and practical investigations. It is based around the use of scientific processes to understand ourselves and the modern world in which we live

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A / AS Level Biology Peterborough Regional College