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A / AS Level Religious Studies

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Read Lyam's view Religious Studies is the social study of Religion and Religious practices. It focuses on contemporary issues and encourages students to engage critically. Although it is a traditional subject it carries much relevance to understanding the modern world. Religious Studies is a rigorous A-level, akin to philosophy in its demands and degree of difficulty and is therefore far from being a soft option. Throughout human history religions, of one form or another, have played, and continue to play, a central role in literally billions of people’s lives. It covers all the world’s major faiths and considers the future of religion, in an increasingly scientific and arguably secular age. Choosing Religious Studies will give students a much better understanding of themselves and the society in which we live. Religious Studies requires students to be logical open minded and analytical in thought. Course Content In the first year, you will study AS level Religious Studies, which comprises two modules and is half the full A level. In the second year, you will study another two modules which lead to the full A level. AS Religious Studies The AS modules include religion and ethics, religion and contemporary society, and Hinduism. Each unit is worth 50% of the AS level and worth 25% of the Advanced A2 level. The method of assessment is examination consisting of two exams of 1hr and 15mins each, these are taken in January and May/June. Advanced Religious Studies A2 modules include Feminist Theology, Blackled churches and Religious Fundamentalism. Method of assessment is two examinations of 1hr 30mins each. Teaching and Learning styles Learning activities are interactive and include small group class activities, whole group discussions, presentations and fun active involvement in class participation. The method of delivery ensures all learning styles, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are catered for.

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A / AS Level Religious Studies Peterborough Regional College