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BA (Honours) Performance Design and Practice

Course Description

BA Performance Design and Practice interprets performance design and practice in eclectic, cross-disciplinary contexts of contemporary arts including theatre, film, video and live art, challenging traditional territories and assumptions. Distinctive features of the degree course include: * Includes an opportunity to take a one-year Diploma in Professional Studies between Stages 2 and 3, involving a 20-week work placement * Promotes experimental, investigative approaches to the event-performer-spectator dynamic and the conceptualisation of space and text, exploring their potential for performance through practical experience * Enables the pursuit of design, composition/directing and performing perspectives, together with a holistic approach to learning of integrated curriculum elements through live and college-based projects. Research, set design, costume, lighting, sound, project management, performance history and more are explored at increasing levels of directional choice * Has a strong emphasis on collaborative practice. Project work develops negotiation, management and team skills, often through activities with professional organisations and venues * Develops a wide range of specialist and transferable skills including research, planning, scale drawing, model making, documentation processes, reflective and evaluative writing, visual and verbal presentation * Progressively increases individual responsibility for learning and direction, offering the opportunity to choose emphasis and orientation of third year and final award towards theoretical research or practical career.

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Career outcomes

BA Performance Design and Practice students leave with a broad and valuable understanding of performance practice in its many forms. Skills acquired enable BA Performance Design and Practice graduates to become versatile practitioners in exciting and diverse contexts including theatre, film and television. BA Performance Design and Practice students find success as production designers, or in related roles such as director or producer, or, increasingly, in 'hybrid' roles such as designer-director or performer-designer. BA Performance Design and Practice graduates also apply their knowledge outside the traditional contexts, working within the fine art industry as performance artists or within the fashion industry as creative managers, video directors and fashion show designers. Or they launch their own independent collaborative ventures, creating performance in their own image.

BA (Honours) Performance Design and Practice University of the Arts London