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BA (Honours) Jewellery Design

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This degree course is for students who want to consider, design and produce exciting and original contemporary jewellery. It's distinctive because it promotes understanding of a wide variety of approaches and contexts that contemporary jewellers can use or operate in. BA Jewellery Design offers a stimulating learning environment in which innovation, originality and excellence are encouraged and developed. BA Jewellery Design is part of the Jewellery and Textiles Programme. We aim to help you find and develop an individual identity and recognise appropriate ways of working after graduation. We also aim to initiate an awareness of cultural issues relevant to jewellery and encourage investigation of the social responsibilities and ethical implications of jewellery manufacture. BA Jewellery Design has excellent links with industry. You'll take part in live projects where your work is seen by leading figures in the jewellery field. This is beneficial not just as a learning activity - it's also extremely valuable for the professional contacts it offers. BA Jewellery Design promotes active learning through a series of units structured as a means of initiating, developing and realising ideas. These units provide a broad but intensive introduction to observational, analytical, critical and communication skills. Lectures by high profile designers and practitioners allow BA Jewellery Design students contact with professional practice and opportunity for discussion and debate. On top of the many resources, museums, galleries and shops available to BA Jewellery Design students in London, we run international study trips to galleries, exhibitions and trade fairs during Stages One and Two. We emphasise visual awareness, observation and experimentation as tools for research, and drawing as a means of both investigating and communicating ideas. Information and computer technologies are progressively being integrated into the curriculum, and increasingly students are able to use CAD techniques in their work. You'll gain knowledge and experience of professional practice via in-house and live projects throughout the degree course.

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Career outcomes

BA Jewellery Design students develop a broad knowledge of jewellery designing and making, a range of classical and digital techniques, an understanding of the language of materials, plus communication and critical skills. The degree course is designed to open up a wide range of industry opportunities to graduates, who may also go on to further study at MA level or choose to follow a career in teaching. Recent BA Jewellery Design alumni activity demonstrates the breadth of student activity within the subject. BA Jewellery Design graduates such as Tomazs Donacik, Zoe Arnold and Hannah Martin have set up successful practices. Others design for studios such as Stephen Webster or Theo Fennell, or work for a commercial jeweller like Asprey, Links of London, or are prominent by virtue of brands or ventures they've launched - Wright and Teague, Dinny Hall, EC One gallery. The skills BA Jewellery Design students learn are also valued in careers such as styling or model making for film and television.

BA (Honours) Jewellery Design University of the Arts London