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Why Study in Switzerland ?

Located in the heart of Europe,host to the finest hotel schools in the world. The Birthplace of Tourism and Hospitality,the Swiss hospitality not only welcomes a majority of international visitors but also employs truly international work force.
Education Provided is very practical and offers a mix of Swiss hands on education and International Management Theory.Six months paid intern ship in the course curriculum.

Admission Procedure

Courses offered include- Certificate, Diploma,Advanced diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas and MBA.
Application forms to be sent with completed educational documents from Class 10th onwards.academic grades of 55% and over in Bachelors. 60% or over for students how have completed 12th grades. Scholarships limited but may be given to meritorious candidates on a case to case basis.SOP/LOR needed in some cases. Work experience letters wherever required.
IELTS scores

Student Visa Switzerland

Visa process takes 2 weeks to a month. Visa documents required include Completed visa application form, visa fees,Financial Documents, Letter of Acceptance, Confirmation of Enrolment fee deposit.

Cost of Study in Switzerland

  • Certificates- 8-10 lacs
  • Diplomas- 10-12 lacs
  • Advanced diplomas- 12-16 lacs
  • Post Graduate Diplomas- 15-20 lacs
  • MBA- 20-28 lacs

Study in Switzerland Scholarships

Scholarships limited but may be given to meritorious candidates on a case to case basis.

Study Programs Switzerland

Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas and MBA in Hospitality, Tourism, International Business and Management courses.