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Entering this portal named (also known as the website) and using its technologies and /or facilities and /or information and/or advice provided and/or the facilities and / or the technology developed and provided by the owners of the portal and / or the services of its partners for whom access is obtained through this portal/website is subject to your agreeing to the following terms and conditions including all copyright and legal notices set out below. If you do not comprehend and / or agree to be bound by all these terms and conditions set out below please do not proceed further and use this portal/website in any manner shape or form. You will be deemed to have become a registered client if you proceed to the next steps which will constitute to your agreeing to and for using the extensive technology and/or information and facilities provided by the portal / website and the rules and regulation that govern it’s access and usage.

Declaration: I am a genuine user defined as a student or university or education institutional or otherwise authorized user and I hereby declare that I am not an education agent or a commercial organization in the business of student counseling that is not subscribed and / or registered with the Portal and / or website, or an employee thereof and am not someone or some entity or entities entering and/or registering on this portal/website with the intention and / or purpose and / or objective of learning its technology, design, functions, facilities , information, science, process and / or services and / or all such material that is the intellectual property and copyright of the owners of this portal / website and further I do hereby affirm, declare and confirm that should it be established at any stage or at any time however long that I have falsified this declaration I shall be liable to pay damages to the full extent to the law as related to Intellectual Property and shall pay full damages suffered as a consequence of loss of this intellectual property by the owners of the portal/website with full legal costs thereof.

If you are an agent and wish to become a Quality Assured Partner (QAP) of this Portal please visit the QAP section of this portal and make an application for this association. TO BE DEVELOPED – PUT UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR NOW.

On Registering: On registration you agree as follows;

You permit and its owners and at it’s sole and unfettered discretion and to it’s Quality Assured Partners (QAP’s) partners to make known your full details including contact information, education profile, interests queries and all other information provided on the portal/website and as required available to universities and/or educational institutions at it’s discretion and to launch applications for admission on your behalf to suitable education institutions based on your academic profile and/or your requests and/or your desire but also at it’s discretion to those who fit your profile and other related parameters and/or inform of the discussions between the portal it’s staff and yourself.

You agree that you can be contacted by staff of the portal and/or it’s owners and/or it’s Quality Assurance Partners through electronic, telephonic, home-connect or personal means or any other means available for communication on all matters related to your Career, further education, jobs, work or other requests that you may have made, express or implied during the use of the portal and it’s associate services.

You agree to have discussions and to receive advice and / or information related to education and / or careers and / or jobs and / or business opportunities and / or your career or further education or work plans or suggestions and / or possible answers to any other queries you may make through all available means as outlined above.

You agree to update your personal contact information and status as and when it changes till such time as you notify the portal managers that you no longer wish to use this portal and/or to provide such updates as and when requested by the portal managers.

You agree that if you contact any institution that is listed on the portal in any way shape or form (including advertising) for applying for admission or for work or for any other service provided on the portal and communicate outside the portal and not through the facilities available for such contact within the portal i.e. not from within the portal but by going directly to the institution’s website or meeting in person any of the institution’s staff at any time and anywhere including at any agent of the concerned institution that you will inform the concerned institution and it’s staff that you are a registered user of the portal, have used or are using it’s services and technologies and you further agree that in the event you for any reason fail to so inform such institution or it’s staff the portal has the right to so inform the institution and that you agree that this will be deemed to be your official confirmation of such usage with no denial or such like actions on your part and that further you authorize such institutions to communicate with you through the portal such that your record remains updated for your convenience and the portal management by the managers and/or owners of the portal.

Unless specified for some services that may be paid services that are notified or would be notified from time to time the portal access is granted free of charge to it’s individual users for their personal and non-commercial use and the portal and /or it’s owner’s incomes are earned from it’s institutional users and/or it’s advertisers and this imposes a responsibility on you as an individual user not to do any act that causes loss of revenues that are essential to maintain quality of services to other individual users.

You agree and accept without reservation that should your actions of contacting and / or applying to such institutions directly without informing them that you are a user of the portal as per the terms and conditions set out above result in any commercial loss to the portal and/or to it’s owners that you will make up such loss with interest and/ or legal fees if such action is taken consequent to your refusal to make good such loss and that you will be fully liable for such loss that would be fairly quantified within any agreements that the portal and/or it’s owners may have with such institutions from time to time and such loss would be determined at the sole discretion of the portal and/or it’s owners.

You agree that if at any time you have problems of any kind in using the portal and it’s technologies and/or it’s services that you will notify such difficulties to the nominated email addresses or phone numbers and/or persons named on the portal from time to time. Notwithstanding that you provide such information the portal is not responsible for nor accepts any liability what so ever for rectification nor does the portal and/or its owners accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information provided even though the portal and/or its owners as normal business practice do whatever is possible within its resources and/or constraints to provide as accurate information as possible.

The portal and /or it’s owners are not responsible under any circumstances for any claims or information provided on the portal by any of it’s partners or advertisers or users in any way shape or form and under no circumstances will entertain any claims of any kind what so ever by the users or it’s partners or it’s advertisers.

You agree and accept that within a rapidly changing environment it may not be possible to keep all information updated all the time and you further accept that it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy and veracity of the information provided on the portal and further that should you discover any discrepancy of any kind that you undertake to advice and inform the portal and/or it’s owners at the earliest. Notwithstanding that you have carried out such action the portal does not accept any responsibility of any kind for updating such information though the portal and / or it’s owners shall endeavor to do so within it’s normal work and/or constraints at any given point of time.

Unless you modify the privacy settings at the time of registration or at any time thereafter it would be deemed to mean that you have agreed to receive from the partners or advertisers of the portal any and all information or promotional mails, offers, specials etc from time to time.

Intellectual Property Rights and Acknowledgements

You agree and without reservation accept that all the technologies, systems, innovations, information, write-ups, screens, methodologies, images and photographs, texts all of which may change from time to time as they develop and including any past intellectual property that constitute this portal and it’s services are the intellectual property and copyright work of the portal and those of the owners of the portal and further you agree that you have no right to disclose or otherwise use other than for your sole personal use to any or for any third party at any and all times.

You agree and accept that none of the Materials other than those that are permitted for the purpose of performing the actions authorized, may be downloaded and/or posted and/or reproduced and/or copied republished and/or displayed and/or distributed and/or transmitted in any form and/or by any means including but not limited to mechanical and/or electronic and/or recording, and/or in any manner what so ever without the prior express written permission of the portal and / or website and / or it’s owners.

This portal and /or website and it’s contents that are neither static nor fixed but changing at all times and together or singly constitutes the intellectual property of the portal and / or it’s owners and this without any limitation includes all logos pictures graphics videos sounds images etc and none of these under any circumstances can be reproduced or retransmitted in any way shape or by any means without the express written permission of the portal and / or it’s owners.

You cannot without the express written permission of the portal and / or it’s owners do any mirror imaging of any materials featured or carried on this portal and / or website on any other server any where in the world under any circumstances.

Under no circumstances shall this portal and / or website be taken to mean or be construed as granting or conferring any license under any of the portal and /or website and / or it’s owners and / or any Third Party partner or advertiser or provider's intellectual property rights, whether by legal rule barring inconsistency (estoppels) implication or otherwise in any manner shape or form what so ever. You acknowledge that should you wish to use any of the material featured on this portal and / or website it is your sole responsibility for applying for an obtaining any such licenses from the portal and / or it’s owners and / or it’s partners and / or it’s advertisers.

The portal and / or it’s owners have not at any time taken any responsibility for or independently verified in part or whole at any time materials featured on the portal and / or website of it’s partners and / or of third parties including advertisers and the portal does not take any responsibility for any such content or it’s accuracy or legality or veracity what so ever.

The portal and / or website and / or it’s owners do not sell license lease or any materials other than those specifically identified as being provided by the portal and / or website and / or it’s owners.

The portal and / or website and / or it’s owners are ethically committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of all parties associated whether partners or advertisers or otherwise and require the users of this portal and / or website to do the same as is required by local and / or international law.

The portal and / or website at it’s sole discretion and decision for any reason what so ever and without assigning any reason what so ever terminate the access or any other rights of users who cause to violate or infringe or otherwise the intellectual property rights of the portal and / or website and / or of the owners and / or of it’s partners and / or of it’s advertisers.