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Why Study in Malaysia?

A culture that emerged out of practices followed by indigenous tribes and substantial influence from Chinese and Indian cultures, Malaysia comes to be known as a multi-cultural and multi-lingual soceity.

Various universities and institutes from countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada function and set up their branch campuses in Malaysia, allowing students access to an identical university qualifications at a lower education cost. The student therefore gets to engage with the same course modules of that of other world-renowned institutes at a very low cost!

The Infrastructure is one of the most industrial in Asia, with the telecommunications network ranking the second best in southeast Asia. The country also has seven international ports to its credit.

Education and Admission Procedure in Malaysia

Schools in the primary education system, in Malaysia, are divided into national primary schools and vernacular schools. Vernacular schools use either Chinese or Tamil as the medium of instruction, whereas national primary schools use Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction for all subjects except English, Science and Mathematics.

Secondary education is conducted in secondary schools for five years. National secondary schools also use Bahasa Malaysia as the language of instruction except in Mathematics, Science, and language classes. The admission procedure for most universities fall around September, and the application procedure on rolling basis.


Five to six lakhs per annum (including Living expenses)


International students are mostly awarded scholarships from the Government of Malaysia, some of them including:

  • MTCP Scholarship
  • MIS Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies
  • MIS Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies
  • Commonwealth Scholarship (Comprehensive information is provided in the brochure)