Ask a Counselor


1) Why study in Singapore?

  • Singapore has an excellent education system
  • Education is affordable and several scholarships are available
  • Singapore is a safe destination and is close to India
  • It is a multicultural nation

2) Admission Procedure

  • Simple admission process
  • Notarised documents required
  • Students should apply 8 to 28 weeks before actual intakes
  • All Institutes have application fees

3) Student Visa Singapore

  • Visa approvals come from Singapore
  • Approvals take about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Students travel on these approvals
  • Medical test required after reaching Singapore and student visas issued

4) Cost of Study in Singapore

  • Costs vary between 6 lakhs to 20 Lakhs depending on the Institute and the course. Living would be around 6 lakhs

5) Study in Singapore Scholarships

  • Several scholarships available from 2500 Sing dollars to 10,000 Sing dollars

6) Study Abroad programs in Singapore

Students can complete their degrees in collaborated campuses