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Bachelor of Science in Computational Media

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The BS in Computational Media is a collaborative effort by the College of Computing and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication. The program offers a thorough education in all aspects of the computer as a medium: the technical, the historical-critical, and the applied. Program graduates will have both significant hands-on and theoretical knowledge of computing and an understanding of visual design and the history of media. Graduates will be uniquely positioned to plan, create, and critique new digital media forms for entertainment, education, and business communication. To anticipate the various fields CM students may pursue after graduation, threads are available within the major. Each student will choose an LMC thread, which will serve to foster the creative side of the program, and a Computer Science thread, which makes up the technical side of the degree. The Literature, Media, and Communication threads include the Film, Performance and Media, Game Studies, Interaction Design and Experimental Media, and Narrative threads. The threads with Computer Science courses are Media, Intelligence and People. CM graduates have accepts jobs at companies including Apple, CCP, Electronic Arts, Google, LucasFilm Animation, PlayOn Sports, South Park Studios, Technicolor, Turner Broadcasting, and Universal Studios. Depending on their coursework within the BS program, students will also be qualified to enter graduate studies in computer science, digital arts, digital media studies, and human-computer interface.

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The CM International Plan follows the Institute model to develop a global competence within the student's major program of study. It thus integrates international studies and experiences with work in all aspects of the computer as a medium, preparing graduates to plan, create, and critique new digital media forms within an international professional environment. As in the basic CM program, students following the International Plan will take one LMC and one CoC thread (in addition to the basic humanities requirement). Students will also: 1. take three international courses, including one from each of the following categories: international relations, global economics, and a course on a specific country or region; 2. spend two terms abroad engaged in any combination of study abroad, research, or internship; 3. demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to two years of college-level language study (to be determined by testing); and 4. complete a CM capstone course that links international studies with the major.

Bachelor of Science in Computational Media Georgia Tech