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Bachelor of Science in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies

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The School of Modern Languages offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, with separate language concentrations in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The ALIS degree program delivers foreign language study in the many contexts in which other languages are spoken (including social and technical communication, cultural perspectives, industry, arts and literature, media and science) that will provide students with the competitive edge needed to meet 21st century language requirements of the global marketplace. Since this degree couples language and cultural development with studies in another discipline at Georgia Tech, graduates are expected to join the workforce in many different camps: international trade, management, operations and logistics, journalism, advertising and publicity, local and national government, not-for-profit entities, medicine, media, virtual world development, website design, among others. Students in this program take 33 credit hours of advanced language study in the areas of Societies and Cultures, Industry and Technology, Arts and Media, Intercultural Communication and Advanced Language Acquisition. In addition, students must complete a 15 credit hour concentration in an approved cluster or minor program. A total of 12 hours in the language or cluster areas must be completed abroad.

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies Georgia Tech