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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

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The undergraduate program in architecture is a four-year, pre-professional program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. It seeks to provide: 1. a general university education in the liberal arts, fine arts, and technology; 2. a multidisciplinary foundation in architectural studies with the design studio as a major focus of the curriculum; and 3. substantial opportunities for students to explore other disciplines and to concentrate studies in certificate programs, cluster electives, or dual degree programs. This Bachelor of Science in Architecture program prepares students for graduate-level studies in architecture, for graduate study in related fields, or a variety of careers related to architecture, the building industry, or government service.

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The International Plan (IP) in the School of Architecture is a challenging and coherent academic program for undergraduate students who will develop an introductory level of global competence within the study of architecture. The International Plan is an intensive degree-long program designed to prepare students with the ability to: 1. assimilate comfortably in a constantly evolving international context within the profession of architecture, 2. value how architecture is practiced in different global contexts, 3. function effectively in a multi-national academic and work environment, and 4. understand the complexity of the global economy and the importance of developing a sensibility to international relations. While many students gain some exposure to these aspects of today's world through the patchwork of traditional international opportunities such as study abroad and international internships, IP is designed to develop a deeper level of competency in these areas within the study of architecture. The requirements of IP are: 1. Proficiency in a Foreign Language 2. Globally Focused Courses 3. International Experience, and 4. A Capstone Course IP students in the School or Architecture can fulfill the International Experience requirement of the International Plan by participation in a university-approved international program with the approval of the School of Architecture. Undergraduate students in the School of Architecture must hold a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application to be eligible for the International Plan . Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade-point average in each year's grouping of architectural design studio courses (e.g., ARCH 2011, 2012, etc.) in order to maintain eligibility for IP. Each sequence of design studio courses must be started in the fall semester.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture Georgia Tech