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Bachelor of Science in Economics

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The program of study provides a thorough grounding in science, the humanities, and mathematics as well as the tools of economic analysis and decision making. In addition, the curriculum provides ample opportunities for career-oriented studies in fields such as accounting, finance, management science, public policy, and international affairs. Life-enriching studies in history and literature are also available.

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Career outcomes

All degree programs offered by the School of Economics including the BS degree in Economics offer an International Plan (IP) Designation. In general the IP designation can be obtained by completing courses in three specified area: 1. Students are required to complete a general course in Global Economics. 2. Students are also required to complete a region specific course. Any number of International Affairs course can be used to fulfill this requirement 3. Student are also required to complete a capstone course rounding out the international experience. The IP designation also requires students to become proficient in a language as well as spending at least twenty-six weeks in a foreign culture enrolled in school and/or participating in an internship experience.

Bachelor of Science in Economics Georgia Tech