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Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

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The first two years focus on coursework in the areas of chemistry, mathematics, physics, humanities, social sciences, and general engineering sciences. The third and fourth years emphasize aerospace disciplines and vehicle systems integration. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide each student with a general background for either employment in industry or government laboratories, or advanced study in graduate school at the end of four years. The program stresses the theoretical, experimental, and design aspects of aerospace engineering. Courses do not have to be taken during the specific semester indicated in the curriculum, but all prerequisites must be satisfied for each course. Advisement by an assigned faculty member is required before registration. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who remains the same for the full undergraduate program, unless the student requests a change. A certain degree of specialization is available to undergraduate students through the proper choice of electives, as are opportunities for undergraduate research, depending on the student's abilities and career objectives. Students should consult with academic advisors for the availability of courses and recommended course sequences.

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The International Plan is a challenging and coherent academic program for undergraduates emphasizing global competence within the context of the aerospace engineering major. This program has specific language requirements. There are also coursework requirements related to history, global economy, international culture, and residential foreign experience. Refer to for the general requirements of the International Plan. These requirements may be satisfied by carefully selecting the humanities, social sciences, and free elective hours available in the program, in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering Georgia Tech