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Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

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Reflecting the scientific environment at Georgia Tech, the bachelor's program in applied mathematics trains students in the traditional core mathematics curriculum, as well as in its applications. The undergraduate program is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the wide variety of interests of undergraduate majors, and yet, by its scientific breadth, it prepares students for the extensive employment opportunities that exist for applied mathematicians. Students are encouraged to develop an expertise in another field related to mathematics. This can be accomplished by developing a program of study involving technical electives and an appropriate concentration within mathematics. Some of the more popular fields include physics, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, operations research, and economics. The School of Mathematics has excellent computing facilities that are utilized in an increasing number of courses throughout the undergraduate curriculum. In addition to the institutional requirement of maintaining at least a 2.0 grade-point average for the entire academic program, the School of Mathematics requires a grade of C or higher in MATH 4107, 4317, 4318, and 4320. Students may count no more than two hours of coursework in physical education toward graduation. Only free electives and MATH 4999 in the degree program may be taken on a pass/fail basis, and no more than nine hours are allowed under this option.

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For the BS in Applied Mathematics - Research Option, a student conducts supervised research with a faculty advisor over two or three semesters and completes nine hours of either MATH 2698/4698 (research for pay) or MATH 2699/4699 (research for credit). In addition, students take two one-hour writing courses: 1) LCC 4701: Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing in which a short proposal on their research project is developed (typically taken during the first or second semester of research), and 2) LCC 4702: Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing (taken during the thesis-writing semester); prepare a research report (research paper, project report/thesis), and make an oral presentation of the project. Six hours of MATH 4699 may be used as mathematics electives for the BS in Applied Mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Georgia Tech