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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Threads

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The undergraduate degree in computer science (CS) offered by the College of Computing provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for applying digital processes effectively to issues of broad interest in a global society. Our program is based on a unique concept, Threads™ , a significant College of Computing innovation in undergraduate CS education. The curriculum builds on a base of fundamentals in programming and computational theory to allow each student the opportunity to explore a variety of computing paths in depth. There are eight Threads, each providing a focused journey through a broad spectrum of course offerings at Georgia Tech in preparation for a distinctive future in a changing and interconnected world. Each student selects two Threads to fulfill the requirements for an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. It is at the intersection of the two paths that the unique synergistic value of this educational experience is realized. Graduates will leave the College of Computing fully aware of the limitless potential of their dynamic discipline and be able to adapt and continuously add value to society throughout their careers.

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Are you a computationalist who is interested in the expressive arts (telling stories, making games, creating emotional experiences)? Join the Computing and Media Thread. Here you'll see courses on topics ranging from computational graphics to Hamlet, from human perception to interactive fiction engines. Are you a computationalist who is interested in placing intelligence in physical objects like robots, airplanes, or cell phones? Join the Computing and Devices Thread. Here you'll see courses on everything from computational sensors to dealing with noisy data, from real-time operating systems to mobile power issues and computational autonomy.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Threads Georgia Tech