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Health Science-Health Promotion Emphasis

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The Health Promotion emphasis track includes a number of courses and experiential opportunities designed to broadly train experts to promote health in various sectors of public life. Emphasis is placed on preventing disease and disability in healthy populations, and encouraging healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. Health promotion professionals are employed in a variety of settings, including schools, fitness and wellness centers, nursing homes, and a number of public and non-profit service agencies. They will address important health issues such as nutrition, exercise, tobacco, alcohol, and substance use, as well as health care utilization. Current Issues in Health Policy (MHLTHSCI 550) addresses a variety of issues related to health promotion, and particularly focuses on the health care system in terms of access to and quality of health care. Health Promotion (MHLTHSCI 570) focuses on the development and implementation of programs designed to improve health across a variety of dimensions. Community Psychology (PSYC 438G) addresses mental health promotion, focusing on preventing mental health problems through community interventions. Students completing an emphasis in Health Promotion are also allowed to select one of several courses that enable them to tailor their education to the type of work they would like to do in the future. These courses include: Marketing for Health Professionals (MHLTHSCI 529),which is valuable for those who plan to work in education or health communication; Grant Writing (MHLTHSCI 572), which helps prepare professionals to solicit external funding for health-related programs and research; Psychology of Health (PSYC 331G), which broadly addresses psychological mechanisms involved in health-related behavior change; Public Budgeting and Financial Administration (PUBADM 504), which is particularly suited for professionals who will manage publicly-funded health programs; and Qualitative Social Research Methods (SOC 502), which will enhance the training of those who plan to engage in health promotion research.

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