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MA (Interdisciplinary Studies)

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The Interdisciplinary Studies Program is administered by the Graduate College, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences and directly supervised by the Program Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. A university-wide Interdisciplinary Studies Committee consisting of the Graduate Dean and one member from each academic School or College appointed by the respective Deans oversees the program. The Program Director of Interdisciplinary Studies serves as the chairperson of that committee. Each student in the program will also have a Graduate Committee composed of three graduate faculty members from the disciplines making up the interdisciplinary program. The student’s Graduate Committee will have the responsibility of helping the student select his or her particular course of study and will recommend to the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee that it be accepted as the student’s formal Plan of Study, thereby indicating that the members of the committee regard it as a viable program of graduate study.

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MA (Interdisciplinary Studies) Boise State University