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B. Tech. (Nuclear Science & Technology)

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Nuclear Science and Technology improves the quality of life in many ways and in many different areas. It makes food safer; it improves the quality of tools, gauges, and machines; it diagnoses abnormalities of the metabolism and treats cancers; it powers space applications; and it offers one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity

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Career outcomes

Nuclear Engineers: Nuclear engineers work in laboratories, nuclear power plants, universities and government agencies. Nuclear Physicists: Nuclear Physicists work in fields such as electronics, energy, aerospace, communications or healthcare equipment. Nuclear Medicine Physicians: Nuclear Physicians treat a variety of illnesses, such as cancer and thyroid disease, using radiographic imagery and medicine as well as radiation treatment. They often work as consultants for other physicians, interpreting imagery and patient data to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

B. Tech. (Nuclear Science & Technology) Amity University Dubai