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B. Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)

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Aerospace industry is always at the forefront of scientific and technological developments. This makes it one of the most diverse, technically advanced, challenging and exciting industries to work in today. The global aerospace industry contributes hundreds of billions of dollars to the world economy. Technologies developed by aerospace engineers are used in aviation, defense, and space exploration. UAE intends to spend US $136 billion on the aviation industry with plans to become one of the global aerospace hubs.

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Aerospace engineers are employed in the aircraft industry - including companies that make engines, communications systems, electronic devices, and parts used in aircraft construction. Government agencies, such as the Department of Defence or the Govt. Space Research Departments (like NASA) of various countries also hire professionals from this field. World leaders in space and aviation like the US, France, UK and Germany provide tremendous employment opportunities.

B. Tech. (Aerospace Engineering) Amity University Dubai