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B.Sc. - Forensic Sciences

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Forensic Sciences or forensics is the application of various scientific methods and principles to investigate criminal and civil actions which are of interest to the legal systems. All the clues collected from a crime scene are analyzed by forensic scientists in a crime laboratory and are converted into evidences worth producing in legal courts. Today, forensic science has become a prestigious profession in developed countries and fast becoming the career choice around the world.

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Advances in scientific technology in examining crime scenes have turned forensic science into a high opportunity, rapidly growing career on a global scale. The dependency on trained specialists in the area of DNA analysis, firearm examination etc. has spurred forensic labs to look for specialists. In countries like UK and USA forensic science has witnessed an unprecedented growth rate in the last ten years. Forensic professionals can find employment with the police force, law enforcing agencies, legal systems and both government and private investigative offices. Specializations in various branches of forensic sciences like forensic anthropology, forensic archeology, forensic serology provides better job opportunities.

B.Sc. - Forensic Sciences Amity University Dubai