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BA (Hons) Applied Psychology

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The BA(Hons) Applied Psychology Programme at Amity University Dubai offers a broad and self-contained introduction which covers the basic principles of learning, biological bases of behaviour, thinking, memory, personality, social influences on behaviour (Social Psychology), and changes in behaviour throughout the lifespan (Developmental Psychology) and social Gerontology and Health. The range of classes provides a greater understanding of human development and interaction, cognitive processes, individual differences and biological influences on behaviour. An experimental approach is common to all classes and research and statistical methods are studied in their own right. A variety of optional classes is offered, in which the students study an area of psychology in greater depth.

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Career outcomes

Career opportunities A degree in Applied Psychology can be utilised for employment in almost every industry and in specific roles that involve influencing human behaviour such as marketing, sales, counseling, and social work. Opportunities for work in the hospitals (Clinical/Counseling Psychologists/ Child Psychologists/Marriage and Family Therapist), NGOs, schools, researchers and organisations. Opportunities for work as counsellors or join research projects within organisations i.e. facilitating in data collection, entry and analysis, and reporting research findings.

BA (Hons) Applied Psychology Amity University Dubai