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Certificate in Community Integration Through Co-operative Education

Course Description

The modified Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE) program is designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities or significant learning challenges. You will access courses in many program areas (based on seat availability). It will provide you with an opportunity to experience college life and enhance your academic and vocational skills by taking regular college classes modified to fit your academic abilities. You will receive support including: * Curriculum modification * Note taking * Tutoring * Other related support as needed Learning facilitators will also provide you with support in the classroom and via a weekly tutorial. Please note: No support is provided outside of these academic settings. Each semester, you will take academic courses with modified curriculum in a selected area of concentration as well as programming common to all CICE students. Field placement experiences (unpaid) that enable you to develop vocational abilities are an integral part of the CICE program. Successful completion of all courses and the field placement requirement will result in you graduating with an Ontario College Certificate in CICE.

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Career outcomes

Graduates can apply for employment or volunteer opportunities related to their area of study or field placement activities.

Certificate in Community Integration Through Co-operative Education Durham College