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Biotechnology – Advanced (Biotechnology Pharmaceutical) (compressed, fast-track)

Course Description

In our Biotechnology laboratory, you will conduct extensive experiments in cell and molecular biology in order to develop essential laboratory skills including learning how to isolate and manipulate DNA; purify and characterize proteins; and grow and maintain cells in tissue culture. You will also learn a wide variety of microbiological techniques in our Microbiology laboratory including the cultivation, manipulation, isolation and identification of microorganisms. In your final semester you will use biological organisms to actively manufacture a chemical product used in an industrial process. In addition, you will develop a clear understanding of regulatory affairs and the ethical implications of the biotechnology industry and its influence on society.

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Career outcomes

As a graduate, you can find employment in a number of settings including: * Administration in a pharmaceutical, agricultural, food or environmental company * Government institute * Manufacturing * Quality control laboratory * Research laboratory Positions include: * Clinical study technologist * Food technologist * Immunologist technologist * Instrumentation technologist * Microbiology technologist * Pharmaceutical sales manager * Pharmaceutical technologist * Production technologist * Quality assurance technologist * University laboratory research assistant

Biotechnology – Advanced (Biotechnology Pharmaceutical) (compressed, fast-track) Durham College