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Advanced Diploma Chemical Engineering Technology

Course Description

Chemical engineering technology is about creating value through chemical conversions, all the way from lab-scale processes to optimizing full plant operations. This program provides training for these skills including manufacturing of high-tech polymers, water treatment operations, catalytic conversions, nuclear power and other fuel sources and the roles that chemical engineering technologists play in each area. This program will provide you with a solid background in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, nuclear physics and instrumental analysis including chromatography and spectroscopy. Working alone and in teams, first-hand experience is emphasized through our fully equipped Analytical Instrumentation laboratory. The core of the program will give you training and experience in the handling, analyzing, monitoring, processing and properties of a wide variety of chemicals. Safety and environmental compliance are both emphasized in the course as chemical engineering technologists. The field placement component of the program provides valuable contacts and experience.

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Career outcomes

* Chemical processing area (e.g. process control, quality control inspection, etc.) * Laboratory (e.g. quality control, assurance lab, analytical lab, management, etc.) * Nuclear power industry * Product sales and technical support * Research and development * Sales * Technical support

Advanced Diploma Chemical Engineering Technology Durham College