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Animation – Digital Arts (two-year)/Animation – Digital Production (three-year)

Course Description

The Animation – Digital Arts/Digital Production program was developed with input from veterans in the animation and film industry and continues to garner enthusiastic support from studios and professional artists across the country. All of our professors come from industry, ready to share their knowledge and experience with students. This program focuses on character animation and performance supported by: * Character design * Compositing * Film editing * Modeling * Staging and lighting * Storytelling * Texturing and rigging You will build a solid foundation in figurative drawing with an emphasis on pre-production for animation and film. In addition, a diverse program of study based on 2- and 3-D digital animation courses (e.g. Cinematic Arts, Audio, Studio and Portfolio) will ensure you can handle any professional challenge. If you prefer to graduate with a two-year Animation – Digital Arts diploma you can take the animation skills and knowledge you acquire into your future career or continue your education in a related field. If you wish to specialize as a character animator, modeller, rigger or compositor, you can stay for a third year and earn your three-year Animation – Digital Production advanced diploma, which will give you the additional knowledge required to create your demo reel and portfolio. As a graduate, you will be industry-ready and widely recognized as well-rounded in your experience, skills and abilities.

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Career outcomes

* Animator * Digital compositor * Effects artist * Layout artist * Lighting artist * Modeller and rigger * Production assistant * Roto artist * Surfacing artist Working at: * Animation studio * Games studio * Post-production and visual effects studio * Pre-visualization studio * Web studio Working on: * Movies * Television shows * Web games and animations * Video games * Video game cinematics

Animation – Digital Arts (two-year)/Animation – Digital Production (three-year) Durham College