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Business Management

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This is a three-year degree, or two-year diploma, programme designed for those who want to prepare for a career in general management. It is particularly suitable for students who are looking for a career in the service and retail industries and the public sector. Broadstairs is a comparatively small campus and has a cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere. Although most students are from the UK, students from elsewhere in the EU and from overseas find it particularly attractive. Also available are BSc (Hons) degrees in Business Management (Logistics) and Business Management (Retail). These programmes allow students to develop an understanding of these areas without following a degree devoted entirely to the subject. All business programmes at Broadstairs are essentially practical in nature. They are assessed by a range of methods but do not feature formal examinations. A particularly innovative feature is the link with local organisations in the final stage of the degree provided by the Problem Orientated Project module.

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Career outcomes

The intention is to develop students into self-motivated and reflective learners. Knowledge of a subject is developed through lectures, presentations, reading and case studies. Understanding of a subject is further developed through discussion, seminars, practical investigation, tutorials, research and exercises.

Business Management Canterbury Christ Church University College