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Canterbury is one of the most significant historical and cultural centres in Britain. Canterbury Christ Church University is itself situated in a World Heritage site stretching from the Cathedral to the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, and the department of History and American Studies is located immediately adjacent to St Martin’s the oldest parish church in England. So what better place to study archaeology? Archaeology encompasses a broad spectrum of practical and academic skills which involve both science and the arts. Archaeology is a fascinating subject in itself, but it also introduces students to a range of skills which are relevant to a wide range of career paths. This programme allows students to combine modules in archaeology with a range of related disciplines. The archaeology modules integrate hands-on practical experience with the detailed study of societies and cultures from a range of time periods. It covers a period stretching from early prehistory through to 1600, and the programme offers students not just a grounding in theoretical approaches to archaeology but also practical experience of the discipline through excavation placements.

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Learning and teaching techniques used on the programme include: lectures, seminars and workshops (including student-led seminars and workshops held in classes and conducted on CLIC LEARN (or other VLE)), tutorials, reviews, archaeological placements, reflective logs, document and artefact analyses, independent readings and investigations, bibliographical annotations, and students‘ self-directed learning.

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