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Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

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Welcome to MDDE 613, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, an optional course in Athabasca University's Master of Education in Distance Education Program. MDDE 613. Adult learning has never been higher on the agenda of leading policy makers than at the beginning of the 21st century. The focus of this course will be on mapping the territory of adult learning and investigating the significance of andragogy as unique approach to the education of adults. This course examines debates and controversies around self-directed learning. As well, it explores current thinking on social and collective learning. Emancipatory approaches to adult education and the discourse and practices of the learning society are also explicated. Students are invited to join in on the ongoing conversation about the most lucid ways of thinking about adult learning and the implications for putting ourselves into practice.

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Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Athabasca Univeristy