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3D Programming in Java

Course Description

COMP 382 introduces Java programming techniques for writing a broad range of 3D programs using Java 3D. Topics covered include creating 3D geometry, loading externally produced 3D models, making 3D lathe shapes, coding 3D interaction, developing 3D animation, enhancing lights and shades for 3D objects, overlaying textures on 3D objects, and 3D sprites. A high level of competence in developing code using the Java programming language or COMP 272 or equivalent is a prerequisite to this course.

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Career outcomes

Students successfully completing this course will be able to use the correct terminology to describe the basic structure of Java 3D programs. use geometric classes to define visual Java 3D objects. develop code to load external models into Java 3D programs. construct lathe parameters to make Java 3D shapes. review code that enables user interaction with Java 3D objects. review Alpha and Interpolator classes to develop Java 3D animations. use LOD and Billboard to provide for computation-saving animations. specify light objects, their attributes, and influential use of lights. develop visual richness to Java 3D objects with textures. develop and animate 3D sprites. demonstrate skills in developing and explaining code using Java 3D. create Java 3D objects using lathe, external models, or simple geometry objects. use various Java 3D classes corresponding to animation, interaction, lighting, and texturing. apply Java 3D objects to create Java 3D applications.

3D Programming in Java Athabasca Univeristy