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Adult Education, Community Leadership, and the Crisis of Democracy

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MAIS 644 is a course about adult education and community leadership. It begins from the premise that we live in a time of extraordinary worldwide upheaval and questioning about the fate of the earth. The course includes a discussion and critique of the moral and ethical leadership of those commanding the power domains of business and politics. Among other things, MAIS 644 considers: democracy in our business and community organizations the elements of democratic communication (conversation) ways to speak and act intelligently as designers of just learning organizations The fundamental question MAIS 644 addresses is whether we can think beyond the boundaries of “liberal democracy” imaginatively, without abandoning existing forms of parliamentary democracy, human rights frameworks, and pluralist forms of life. Can we deepen our theoretical understanding of democracy, pressing the notion into the realm of workplace organization (perhaps bringing down to earth the old dream that workers could control the means of production) and plumbing the dialogic potential within forms of governance and a dynamic civil society?

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Adult Education, Community Leadership, and the Crisis of Democracy Athabasca Univeristy