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Advanced Counselling Practicum

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GCAP 685: Advanced Counselling Practicum provides students with an extensive practicum experience. The initial portions of the practicum is designed to provide an introduction to counselling practice, with a specific focus on the application of counselling skills in a supervised applied practice context. As students move through the practicum, they will have an opportunity to integrate content (i.e., counselling theories, ethics, diversity) that they have already acquired into practice; learn to manage workplace demands in counselling agencies; and build the foundation for lifelong professional development and reflective practice The practicum includes direct service experience in both individual counselling and group work. The GCAP 685 course work complements the clinical supervision provided in the practicum site by addressing a range of issues related to counselling practice. Through both field placement and course activities, students will become familiar with a variety of professional activities (e.g., record keeping, supervision, referral processes, collaboration, and professional development) and variety of professional resources (e.g., assessment and intervention processes, a wide range of professional resources, and research). Student development as a practicum student and as a professional is a primary focus throughout the course. The assignments and learning activities are designed to nudge, and even push their process of reflection and stimulate development in areas such as their theoretical orientation, ethical decision-making, and self-awareness.

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Advanced Counselling Practicum Athabasca Univeristy