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Applied Ethics (Biomedical and Health Ethics) MA (MA)

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Medicine is infused with moral values and is deeply embedded in a variety of social and cultural contexts, which significantly determine the effectiveness of medical care in achieving healthy outcomes for patients and populations. The objective of the biomedical and health ethics concentration is to integrate academic and clinical dimensions of moral issues in medical practice and biomedical research. Students from a broad range of backgrounds will be exposed to the internal and external logics of medicine, health care and biotechnology and will gain substantive understanding of ethical, cultural and societal issues in a variety of domains. Through course work and other experiences, students will deliberate individually and collectively about a wide range of issues and problems in contemporary medicine and the history of medicine; develop advanced critical normative reasoning and judgment capacities; and cultivate effective communication skills for academic, clinical and policy contexts.

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General admission requirements are as follows: All documentation must be submitted via the ASU Graduate College online application. A "B" (3.00) undergraduate GPA. International students: TOEFL score or comparable proof of English proficiency. Personal statement of interest and qualification. Resume. Two letters of recommendation. Note: No GRE is required, except for Eng/Emerging Technology (required unless requirement has been waived by director). For more information on the specifics, please see the ASU Graduate College. Please also refer to the college of the concentration/track you are interested in for additional details.

Applied Ethics (Biomedical and Health Ethics) MA (MA) Arizon State University West