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Anthropology (Urbanism) Phd (PHD)

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Understanding the nature, function and shaping of the human habitat is essential to addressing humankind's greatest challenges. The concentration in urbanism provides an environment for students to organize varied disciplinary perspectives on urbanism into a collective body of scholarship. The study of classic fields within anthropology will be enriched by grounding students in a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of urban contexts and the dynamic forces that shape them.Working with faculty members from across a range of departments and programs at ASU, doctoral students will be able to capture the creative tensions that scholarship on urbanism has inspired, to stimulate a provocative, constructive kind of inquiry. Academic units students might engage to fulfill the requirements of the urbanism concentration include: Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. School of Community Resources and Development. School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. School of Government, Politics and Global Studies. School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC). School of Sustainability. SHESC offers many exciting hands-on learning opportunities, through laboratories and field-based research that focus on addressing real-world challenges related to the following research themes: Biological, social and cultural dimensions of human health. Culture, heritage and identity. Global dynamics and regional interactions. Human origins, evolution and diversity. Societies and their natural environments. Urban societies. The training students receive in this program prepares them to become expert scholars able to contribute to their chosen field and to finding solutions to humankind's greatest challenges.

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Anthropology (Urbanism) Phd (PHD) Arizon State University West