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African Studies (Grad Certificate) (Certificate)

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The graduate certificate in African and African diaspora studies is an interdisciplinary program with four areas of emphasis: African diaspora studies. African studies. Comparative studies. Women and gender in African and African diaspora studies. These areas of emphases provide students with access to an extensive range of information and systematic knowledge committed to the new model of African and African diaspora studies that focuses on the intersections of race, culture and gender with interdisciplinary perspectives.The required course, AFR 500 RM: Theory and Methods, offers students an overview of the focus and explicates relevant methodologies and theories. This required course, along with the courses within the areas of emphasis and the capstone course, complete the certificate. As this certificate program offers students an international dimension to the study of peoples and cultures of African descent, students will invigorate their knowledge about global issues and further expand their research pursuits. This certificate program characterizes the faculty members' intellectual and research strengths and the curriculum's interdisciplinary strategies and research approaches that highlight the continuities and disjuncture of history and experiences throughout Africa and the diaspora.

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African Studies (Grad Certificate) (Certificate) Arizon State University West