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Animal Behavior (PhD) (PHD)

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Animal behavior is a graduate degree program that will provide doctorate-level training in mechanistic and functional approaches to understanding behavior in a variety of animal taxa. The study of behavior is at the interface of several scientific disciplines (e.g., physiology, ecology, evolution), and good research in this area requires diverse but specialized training and skills. This program will unify and coordinate graduate training in research and education at ASU in the behavioral sciences.This program will complement the transdisciplinary Ph.D. in neuroscience program that is currently in place at ASU and will have applied scientific value, in areas such as mental and behavioral health in humans and veterinary science. The ecological focus in the program (i.e., behavioral ecology, conservation biology) will feed into Valley, state and global issues in ecosystem and resource sustainability.

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Animal Behavior (PhD) (PHD) Arizon State University West