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Advanced Materials MSc

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This course aims to develop your ability to think and function in an integrated manner across the areas of materials science and engineering. Through a mixture of core and optional modules, you will develop the following: Knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of materials and the necessary background science; Knowledge and understanding of materials processing technology relevant to industry; Understanding of the relationships between the mechanical properties of materials, their microstructure and their processing history; The ability to communicate ideas effectively in written reports, verbally and by means of presentations to groups; Ability to exercise original thought; Ability to plan and undertake an individual project; Ability to understand and apply the theory, method and practice of materials engineering and design in a wide range of industries; Interpersonal, communication and professional skills. The MSc Advanced Materials offers a good degree of flexibility by combining core compulsory modules with a range of elective modules – this means that you can create a programme of study that reflects your interests. In addition, you will undertake a materials technology research project / dissertation on a subject of your choice. This gives you the chance to complete a major piece of independent research under the guidance of a suitably experienced supervisor.

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Career outcomes

As well as offering you the chance to pursue a fulfilling career within industry and related areas, the MSc programmes offered by the Department provide an excellent foundation for further research and a significant number of our students continue their studies to PhD level and beyond.

Advanced Materials MSc University of Nottingham