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Autism Spectrum Disorders - Certificate

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This Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders is designed to provide a broad overview and specific skills related to educating students with ASD in inclusive general education classrooms. It is grounded in the belief that autism is a natural part of the human experience and that students with autism can be academically and socially successful when the right instruction and supports are provided. There is a critical state, regional, and national need for training programs for professionals who teach and provide medical and social services for children with ASD and related disabilities. First, the number of students with the ASD label is growing each year. Second, there is a large research-to-practice gap with respect to applying Best Practices to school programs for children with ASD. These students’ educational programs are often segregated and rely on a strict behavioral control “curriculum,” leading to poorer post-school outcomes than those of other students with disabilities. Third, there is a critical, national shortage of special education teachers and related service providers in low-incidence disability areas such as ASD (U.S. Department of Education, 2000). And finally, there are few personnel preparation programs nationally that focus on ASD. The coursework for the Graduate Certificate consists of four courses from the following required and elective course offerings. Highly qualified individuals may petition for permission to waive a required course. Applicants are urged to schedule an appointment with the program coordinators to develop their individualized course of study. Applications for Graduate Certificates are available through the Graduate School.

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