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Classics Major - Bachelor of Arts

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While it is true that classical Greek and Latin are no longer spoken languages, the literature and art of the Ancients speak to us still. To study the classics is to come into direct contact with the sources of Western civilization and culture, both pagan and Christian. An intimate knowledge of our Greco-Roman heritage furnishes students of the classics with historical, political, and aesthetic perspectives on the contemporary world. An undergraduate classics major provides excellent preparations for careers not only in academic, but also in nonacademic professions. A background in classics is, moreover, highly advantageous for applicants to graduate and professional schools in English, modern languages, history, philosophy, law, medicine, and theology. Finally, for the qualified student who is undecided about a major but interested in a sound liberal arts education, classics may be the best option.

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Classics Major - Bachelor of Arts THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE